123.hp.com/djf335 -HP Deskjet f335 Printer setup and Troubleshooting Guide

After purchasing the Hp Deskjet f335 printer, the first step is to perform unboxing. Cut the tape on the top of the carton to take the printer out of it. Keep the printer on a flat surface for normal functioning . Turn on the printer with the help of the Power button. Link the printer and the system using a USB cable. View the printer name in the list of available devices. If the HP Deskjet printer is not maintained properly, you may face various printing issues. Resolve the issues and then try to print.

How to download 123.hp.com/djf335 Driver

  1. Download the driver for the HP Deskjet F335 printer from our website.
  2. Locate the link on the website. Click on it to begin with the download process.
  3. The 123.hp.com/setup f335 file downloads automatically. The driver should be compatible with the printer model and operating system version.
  4. Delete all the temporary files before installing the driver. Check if the system has ample file size to download the driver.
  5. The setup file downloads automatically in the Downloads folder of the system.
  6. The 123.hp.com/setup f335 file for the Windows system is in the .exe format.


HP Deskjet f335 driver for windows 10

  1. Use the Windows Update software to start the installation process.
  2. Click the Start option on your Windows system. Type Device Manager on the search bar. Choose the printer name from the list of available devices.
  3. Locate the name of the device by expanding the category.
  4. Click the Update Driver icon. Choose the Search automatically option for the updated driver software.
  5. If the system does not find a new driver, go through the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  6. Try to reinstall the driver. Open the Device Manager by right-clicking the name of the device.
  7. Click the Uninstall option to start the software removal process.

HP Deskjet f335 all in one printer driver download mac

  1. Find the download link on our website.
  2. Click the link to begin with the download process.
  3. The 123.hp.com/setup f335 file for the Mac system is in the .dmg format.
  4. Check if all the drivers are updated.
  5. You can also use the Apple Software Update to download driver automatically.
  6. Remove all the temporary files on the system.
  7. If the Mac system contains a Safari browser, select Download Now to start the process.
  8. If the file is available in the zip format, the individual files download automatically.
  9. The downloaded file is available in the Downloads folder.
  10. After downloading, scroll down to get steps to start the installation process.

Install 123.hp.com/djf335 Driver

  1. Use the software installation CD to begin the installation process.
  2. Insert the software CD into the PC’s disc drive.View the list of files on the screen.
  3. Select the .exe setup file to begin the installation process.
  4. Turning off the system is suggested while installing the driver.
  5. Make sure that all the relevant drivers are updated .
  6. Free up the memory space before installing the driver.
  7. Select the .exe or .dmg file depending on the printer model.
  8. Add the printer name to the list of available devices.
  9. If the printer name is not enlisted on your Mac system, click the Plus sign to add it.

Install HP Deskjet f335 Printer Driver for Windows

  1. Use the HP Printer Assistant software to download the driver automatically.
  2. This software helps you check ink levels and order supplies.
  3. After updating your Windows system, get all the information about the printer using this software.
  4. Select the Add more software option to install the driver on the system.
  5. After adding the software, select the Connect a new printer option.
  6. Use the connection method when prompted. Go through the instructions to configure the HP printer.
  7. Switch off the 123.hp.com/djf335 printer and reboot the system. After a while, locate HP Printer Assistant and then open it.
  8. You can also use the built-in Windows driver to fix the issue.

Install HP Deskjet f335 Printer Driver for Mac

  1. Use the Apple Software Update to improve security of the Mac system.
  2. After updating, choose the System Preferences icon under the Apple menu.
  3. Select the Software Update icon to view the updates.
  4. If the updates are available, select Update Now to start the installation process.
  5. Select More info to view all updates. Choose Specific updates to install.
  6. If software is up to date, then other operating systems are up to date.
  7. If you do not have a software installation CD, download the driver from our website.
  8. Click the link to start with the installation process.
  9. Add the printer name to the print queue in order to view the list of available devices.

HP Deskjet f335 Manual

Manual is a booklet which contains a complete set of instructions for printing and other processes. If you are not unable to understand the instructions, use a pictorial representation for reference. You can get the manual as a soft copy. Download 123.hp.com/djf335 Printer manual from our website. Click the link given below to start the download process. After downloading, view the file in the PDF format. The manual has a User Manual Index which is used to view the topics in it. Click the Page number beside the topic to navigate to the respective page. The downloaded manual is available in the Downloads folder.

123.hp.com/setup f335 – Deskjet Printer USB Setup

  1. Take the USB cable from the printer’s shipment box.
  2. Inspect if there is any damage in the cable.
  3. If any, replace it with a new one.
  4. Unplug the devices that are connected to the USB port as the printer does not receive sufficient power supply.
  5. Insert Join one end of the USB cable to the printer’s port and the other end to the system’s USB port.
  6. View the printer name in the list of available devices.
  7. If the printer name is undiscoverable, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver on the system.
  8. Download the driver from our website.
  9. Click on the link to begin the download process.
  10. Go through the on-screen 123.hp.com/setup f335 instructions to complete the process.

HP Deskjet f335 How to Scan

  1. Switch on your printer and system using the respective Power buttons.
  2. Use the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder tray to initiate the scanning process.
  3. Take the original document and place it on the scanner glass along the engraved guides.
  4. Ensure that the scanner glass is clean.
  5. Check if the document is placed with the printed side down, on the glass.
  6. Press the Scan button to begin the scanning process.
  7. Do the necessary changes to the scan settings if the system prompts.
  8. The scan settings can be the resolution, color mode etc .
  9. The scanned document stores automatically in the destination folder.

123.hp.com/djf335 Troubleshooting

When you are using the Deskjet f335 printer, you may face various kinds of issues. It can be due to printing or scanning . Resolving these kind of issues is necessary for further printing process. The main printer issues are scanner not working, not printing, paper jam, and reset the printer. Use the solutions below to fix the issue.

HP Deskjet f335 Printer Scanner Not Working

  1. The fundamental step is to check if the issue is with the printer or system.
  2. If the issue is with your system, reset the printing environment.
  3. After completing the process, move to the next step.
  4. Uninstall the printer driver and software.
  5. Use the HP Uninstaller on your Mac system for the above process.
  6. After uninstalling it, check and resolve the Disk Permissions feature on your Mac system.
  7. Open Mac and navigate to the Applications icon.
  8. Select Utilities-> Disk Utility-> Verify Disk Permissions.
  9. After performing it, choose repair Disk Permissions.
  10. Try to load the driver on the system manually.
  11. After a while, click the + sign to include the printer name to the print queue.

HP Deskjet f335 Not Printing

  1. Verify the power connection between your printer and system.
  2. If the power cable is not working properly, replace it with a new one.
  3. Check if there are any print jobs in the print queue.
  4. Delete the print jobs in it and reboot the system.
  5. Link your printer and system to the same network.
  6. A stable wireless light on the printer’s control panel indicates an established connection.
  7. If the printer is connected to a wired network, check for a secure connection.
  8. If the issue is unresolved, Get Guidelines from Our Experts

HP Deskjet f335 Paper Jam Error

  1. Find the jammed papers in various locations of the printer.
  2. Use a flashlight to check for jammed papers.
  3. Turn off the printer before removing the papers from it.
  4. If the jammed paper is located in the interior of the printer, remove it.
  5. Take the jammed paper out of the box.
  6. Use both hands to remove papers. Check if the papers are ripped.
  7. After removing them, reset the printer.
  8. Detach the power cable from the printer’s rear and wall socket.
  9. After a while, reinsert the cable to resolve the issue.

HP Deskjet f335 Reset

  1. Resetting is the main solution carried out when the printer encounters any kind of issue.
  2. Check if the 123.hp.com/djf335 printer is powered off.
  3. Remove the power and USB cables connected to the printer’s rear.
  4. After a while, reconnect the cables.
  5. Use the power button to establish the power connection.
  6. Wait until the printer is idle.
  7. Press the Power and Resume buttons to reset the print settings to default.